Sheila Kiscaden

County Commissioner District 6


Why County Government Matters

It seems that County government is not very visible to the average citizen, but take a closer look to see that it's where government touches our lives every day! Counties have many different responsibilities that directly impact the quality of our lives and our communities. Did you know that Olmsted County government:

  • Inspects the restaurants where we eat and the hotels where we sleep to make sure that kitchens, food, swimming pools and rooms are clean and safe
  • Turns our garbage into steam and electricity that is used to power many of our public buildings
  • Protects our environment by providing us a place to dispose of hazardous wastes, by monitoring the quality of our drinking water, lakes, rivers and streams and by enforcing zoning laws that protect us from harmful or destructive land development
  • Is the seat of our most basic rights as citizens; providing you with a place to vote, the means to register your property, and the opportunity to serve on a jury
  • Keeps us safe from harmful people through the work of Sheriff Deputies, Jail Staff, Prosecutors, Probation Officers and other s in the criminal justice system
  • Maintains an Emergency Operations Center that is ready to respond to any natural or man-made disasters
  • Provides school nurses for all our public schools
  • Assists our military Veterans access the services and resources they need
  • Responds and intervenes to protect our children from abuse and neglect
  • Helps our elders and our neighbors who are disabled live as independently as possible
  • Inspects and licenses child care, foster care and group homes to insure that our children and loved ones are safely cared for
  • Builds and maintains the roads and bridges that connect us
  • Supports and strengthens families working through issues of adoption, child support and foster care
  • Determines eligibility for assistance for people in our communities who live in poverty
  • Owns and maintains Oxbow Park& Zoo, Chester Woods Park and Graham Park; unique assets that enhance the quality of our lives in Olmsted County.

About the Olmsted County Board

County Commissioners are elected to oversee the management of the county, ensure that citizen concerns are met, federal and state requirements are fulfilled, and that county operations run smoothly. The County Board sets the annual county budget, authorizes the levy and collection of county-wide property taxes, and monitors the overall fiscal health of the county.

Olmsted County elects seven commissioners, each of whom represents a specific district. Commissioners usually serve a four year term. This election, however, is a result of redistricting and will be for a two year term ending in 2014. Sheila Kiscaden is running for the District 6 position, which is lies mostly in southwest Rochester and Rochester township.

The Olmsted County Board is non-partisan. Candidates are not endorsed by a party and run on the strength of their own credentials. As someone with 14 years in the State Senate and many years working for and with Olmsted County, Sheila Kiscaden offers voters deep experience with setting budgets, policy making, and managing public services.



Important Links to Olmsted County Departments




Olmsted County Main Website

Emergency Preparedness

Extension Services

Human Services

Olmsted County Attorney

Public Health

Sheriff's Office

Veteran's Services

Victim's Services

Zoning and Planning


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